Celebrations of Strings and More – upcoming CD

string orchestra and mixed ensemble works including Rhapsody Rondo, a fun-filled exploration of string sounds; Lux et Umbra for organ and strings; Froggy, a choral delight based on American and English folk songs; 3 Panoramas, based on memories of a visit to Japan; Rhapsody on Jewish Folk Melodies for strings and harp; and An Overture for Hanukkah, an exciting and inspiring overture for full orchestra

Published on Jul 14, 2014

3 Panoramas is a musical composition by Christopher C. Tew for string orchestra in 3 movements based on memories and sketches made during a 1986 trip to visit friends in Japan. This recording is by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, David Hernando-Rico, Music Director.

An Overture for Hanukkah is a short, exciting concert overture that uses traditional melodies, usually with some modifications. It is suitable for most community and professional orchestras.

American Reflections: Music of Christopher C Tew


Scores and instrumental parts are available as PDF files from the composer at a nominal cost – c2ctew@gmail.com. All pieces except the Sonata Movement for Viola and Piano and the Rhapsody Rondo were prepared with Overture notation software and are to the highest standards of clarity. Reasonable page turns have been provided for in the parts whenever possible.


Elegy for Strings—November 1963 is a single-movement work for string orchestra. All sections except the double basses have melodic passages.     TT: 13-14 minutes (video sample)


The Girls Preparatory School Suite is a four-movement work for string orchestra. The principle 1st violin, 2nd violin, and viola have short solo passages. The principle ‘cello has a more prominent solo. All sections have melodic passages.     TT: 17-18 minutes (video sample)

Movement 1. Prelude and Allegro

Movement 2. Preghièra

Movement 3. Alumnae Waltz

Movement 4. Loose Canons


Sonata Movement for Viola and Piano was set with Electronic Arts now ancient Deluxe Music Construction Set, but it is legible, just very restricted in notational flexibility. It will be reset by mid-2014. The piano part includes the viola part on a separate staff.     TT: <5 minutes  (video sample)


A Picture Symphony for Strings in D Minor is a four-movement work for string orchestra. All sections have melodic passages.     TT: 25-26 minutes (video sample)

Movement 1. The Quest

Movement 2. Romanza—Starry Night

Movement 3. Scherzo—Butterflies & Wildflowers

Movement 4. Finale—Country Idyll—Variations & Theme


The above will be issued for sale in 2014 as a 2-CD set with:


Lux et Umbra is a one-movement work for organ and chamber strings (4, 4, 3, 2, 1 – adjustable according to circumstances) with six clearly identifiable scenes.     TT: 12-13 minutes  (video Sample)


Atridae is a one-movement concert overture for full orchestra (2, 2 , Cor Ang., 2, Bass Clar., 2, 4, 2, 3, Tuba, Timpani, 3 Perc., Strings). It is more like Tchaikovsky’s overture-fantasies than Strauss’s tone poems. TT: 16 minutes
(video sample)


Rhapsody Rondo is a one-movement work for string orchestra that demonstrates most of the traditional sounds strings can make. It is set in Deluxe Music Construction Set and has a somewhat Slavic cast.     TT: 7:30 minutes  (video sample)


Froggy is set for SATB chorus, piano, clarinet in A, and strings. It is based on the American children’s song “Froggie Went a’Courting” and the English satire song “The Frog and the Mouse.”    TT: <7 minutes
(video sample)


3 Panoramas is a three-movement work for string orchestra based on impressions of Japan. All sections have melodic passages.     TT: 18-19 minutes

Movement 1. Dawn to Dawn: City Life

Movement 2. Nocturne: Mountains and Seas by Moonlight

Movement 3: Beppu no Jigoku: The Hells of Beppu.